Subvert the traditional management experience

Data-driven integrated management

  • Simplify Complexity - Improve Management Efficiency

    Manual operation reduces 50% work accuracy 100%

  • Thousands of Enterprises and Thousands of Faces - Completely Eliminate Management Pain Points

    Meet the universal management needs of enterprises and improve the management standards of small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making - Helping Advance Strategy

    Real-time comparison and analysis of whole-process data linkage data


Li Shiyun business wishes you to open the whole process automation management

  • Automatically Generate Rewards

    The system automatically calculates and generates rewards

  • Reward Data Report

    Reward data at a glance

  • Reward Tree

    Quickly and easily view reward tiers

  • Reward Details

    Inquiry is convenient, settlement is fast

  • Exclusive Customization

    Support a variety of personalized custom reward modes

Value generated by the bonus settlement system

Improve work efficiency for operations, finance and personnel

Error Reduction


Administrative Cost Reduction


Reduced Processing Costs


  • Data Auditing And Management

    Data has history, sources can be queried, and errors are prompted

  • Commission Model And Rules

    Meet different commission models and multiple sets of commission rules

  • Prediction And Simulation

    Use historical data to simulate new rules and predict future situations with existing data

  • Comparative Analysis

    After the rules are adjusted, the data is compared in multiple dimensions

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