Problems encountered in enterprise compensation management

Too many payroll rules! The salary plan is difficult to determine! Module linkage blocked! Payroll cycle is too long!

  • Different positions, different ranks, difficult to specify salary standards

  • The collection of salary data is cumbersome, and the calculation of multiple schemes is complicated

  • Remuneration management is difficult to form a system, and incentive plans are difficult to implement

  • Individual tax and social security policies are changeable, and the efficiency of declaration in multiple places is too low

Salary management system software is suitable for multi-industry scenarios

Li Shi Yunshang salary management system software is suitable for a variety of industry scenarios

School / Education / Training

Support multi-rank salary calculation scheme, support custom salary scheme, support social security provident fund and various welfare subsidy calculation, easy one-click tax declaration.

Internet / IT

According to the characteristics of the Internet industry, different salary plans are set for different positions and ranks, comprehensive salary calculation, personal tax calculation and declaration.

Logistics / Chain / Franchise

It solves the problems of different social security provident fund bases and different employee payments in various regions, supports multi-location insurance, custom insurance amount, insurance types, and automatic salary calculation.

Hotel / Dining / Chain

It is completely freed from manual calculation of cost and salary, and it is easy to face different salary calculation methods for various positions. No matter how large or complicated the data volume is, it can be easily handled.

Manufacturing / Chemical / Energy

Easily face the complex salary structure, including position, rank piece rate, working hours, performance, and automatic calculation of differences in social security funds in various regions.

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