Comprehensive security system

Combined with the leak-proof system of cloud computing, block hotel management loopholes

  • Clearly defined rights and responsibilities

    Block permissions unknown loopholes

  • door lock control

    Blocking the loopholes in card issuance and card making

  • management improvement

    Cloud computing controls hotel information

  • worry-free operation

    Professional and efficient service guarantee

Core Technology

Li Shiyun builds a suitable solution for you

  • Independent research and development technology accumulation

    The advanced B/S architecture software platform, standard designed hardware system, strict factory inspection and industry-unique cluster attack test create excellent product stability.

  • Professional service team

    Advanced B/professional service team, perfect R&D mechanism and continuous innovation investment ensure that the technology is in the leading position in the industry

  • One-stop service for the whole process

    Advanced B/Provide full life cycle services, intelligent software and hardware development and platform operation for smart buildings, accompany the whole process, and help customers grow in value

Service advantage

Li Shiyun builds a suitable solution for you

  • Cost reduction and efficiency increase

    Remote monitoring and energy consumption control to reduce operating costs; comfortable, intelligent and diverse experience to increase customer stickiness

  • Product stability

    Adhere to independent research and development, years of market testing, industry customer recognition

  • Reliable after-sales

    7*24-hour response, strict and perfect after-sales inspection, regular customer return visits and tracking

  • Full service

    Design planning, system integration, energy-saving operation and maintenance, one-stop service for the whole process

Joint Venture

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New Era Health Industry Group Co., Ltd.

China Construction International Group Co., Ltd.

Rianlong New Materials

Jinpeng Group

Renaissance Pharmaceuticals

Health Education

School of Continuing Education, Fujian Administration College, Fujian Provincial Party School of the Communist Party of China

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Tianjin Polytechnic University

Beijing Open University

Nankai Primary School

Tuyouyou art design postgraduate entrance examination

Poetry Book

Beikai Shicheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Tang Yongtong Academy

Qingdao Zhuohu Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Binhai Secondary School

Ryze School

Cellerrich Beijing Health

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Xingtong Law Firm

Jiangsu Black Cat and White Cat Clothing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Foshan Gaoming Traffic Police Brigade

Northern Cycling Association

Qinggong Sewing

China North International Bicycle Electric Vehicle Exhibition

Happy Cat

Himalayan Salt Industry

Tianjin Changhong Police Station

Tianyi Jincheng Biotechnology

Redsain Water

Ruihengmao Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Uniasia Technology

Henan Datang Chemical


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Hengtai (Singapore) Industrial Development Co., Ltd.



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