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Together with our clients, we integrate strategy, design and data to build a new interactive engagement system to help clients achieve digital transformation.

standsky.com LiShiYunShang

Founded in 2016, Tianjin Lishi Yunshang Network Technology Co., Ltd. has provided professional Internet development and network brand building services for more than 200 enterprises, covering more than 10 countries and regions around the world, and has more than 10 intellectual property rights and honors Qualifications. After years of deep cultivation and exploration in the Internet industry, the company has continuously expanded the market with its continuously optimized and innovative operation model and the explosive growth potential of commercial value, and has taken the lead among professional online brand consulting and construction companies.
We integrate business thinking, aesthetic value and technical realization, use design methods to maximize product value, and work with customers to discover potential opportunities. Since its establishment, the company has gathered a group of senior talents who are good at operation, understand management, have professional knowledge, and constantly pursue excellence, and always adhere to the business philosophy of "innovation is the vitality of the enterprise, and talents are the foundation of the enterprise".
We continue to introduce high-quality products and services for users in various industries and strengthen the market operation mode, thereby winning wide recognition from customers and increasing market share rapidly.
In addition, we focus on strengthening technical cooperation and exchanges with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, and have formed long-term and stable strategic partnerships.
The team member structure is: brand analyst, creative copywriter, visual designer, web front-end engineer, PHP engineer, interaction designer, and Egret3DCanvas designer.
Vision: Let every brand build with the power of the Internet.

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